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FREE Roof Inspections

Home Again Roofing & Construction believes roof inspections are an important part of keeping your roof properly maintained. This is the main reason we pride ourselves in offering FREE roof inspections in the Tulsa metro area. Our team will intricately inspect your roof for hail damage, wind damage, water damage and everything in between. Honesty is our #1 priority. During your FREE roof inspection, we will determine if the roofing material needs repaired or if we need to do a complete roof replacement. Most of the time, roof replacements include ZERO money out of pocket when dealing with insurance claims.

Since it is nearly impossible to inspect a roofs condition from the ground and can dangerous for homeowners to climb on, Home Again Roofing & Construction's qualified roofing contractor will do a FREE roof inspection for you! Since roof damage doesn't stop with the outside of your home, our specialist will often inspect interior ceilings, walls, attics, etc... Once that is complete, they will do a thorough evaluation of exterior siding, fascias, guttering and soffits.

Once on the roof, we will inspect the following:

  • wind, hail or lightning damage
  • worn or loose shingles
  • holes caused by squirrel, racoons or other wildlife
  • weak or caved in areas in the roof decking
  • clogged, dirty or improperly working guttering
  • loose or missing flashing
  • rotting or stained fascia or soffit areas that could indicate a roof leak
  • damaged or missing vents / other roof penetrations that are not in good condition